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To keep the business competitive and running efficiently, IT organizations must operate like fine-tuned and well-managed businesses; to do this however, they must have control and visibility into the IT infrastructure. Implementing a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) gives you the visibility that you need for effective IT asset management.

ChangeGear’s CMDB features a central repository with dependency mapping and configuration auditing that allow organizations to easily provide asset management for their entire virtual and physical infrastructure. The ChangeGear CMDB was built with simplicity as its principal design component - featuring an intuitive user interface. You can rapidly deploy and utilize ChangeGear’s advanced capabilities to map and manage critical resources such as business services, hardware, software, users, documentation, and configuration within one federated database.

With ChangeGear CMDB, you gain deeper insight into the critical IT infrastructure. Having a single comprehensive repository of IT information helps companies meet today’s demanding business requirements, from eliminating costly downtime to securing valuable assets to demonstrating regulatory compliance.



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Configuration Management Features
Configuration Management Gain complete visibility of every component in your IT infrastructure with the discovery of assets, software configuration, and dependencies.
CMDB Federated repository of IT resources that includes business services, hardware, software, users, documentation, and configuration. The CMDB can be extended to contain custom resource types and comes with the ability to add attributes and modify forms.
Business Policy Automation Business rules engine will monitor ChangeGear according to specific rules and conditionally respond with the actions you specify. With the BPA, you can easily create new business rules and set up IT process automation and notifications.
Dependency Mapping Gain unparalleled visibility into the IT infrastructure with visual mapping of CIs, their dependencies, and relationships. These graphical representations are critical for assessing the impact of potential changes, troubleshooting, and root-cause analysis.
Configuration Auditing Using the built-in Business Policy Automation tools, CMDB monitors hardware and software change, alerts IT staff of unauthorized network changes/access and maintains audit trail of change activities.
Real-time reporting Reporting is simple with ChangeGear. You can report on all aspects of your IT environment using our pre-defined reports or the built-in ad-hoc reporting tool. ChangeGear also integrates with Crystal Reports.
Web Services SDK ChangeGear can be easily integrated with an existing system monitoring, network management, or help desk application.

Service Asset Features
Automated Network Discovery The ChangeGear Resource Discovery Expert (RDE) automatically discovers applications, servers, and network devices to provide visibility and insight into your virtual and physical IT infrastructure. The RDE framework allows you to plug in your own custom collectors to meet your specific configuration needs.
Understand the Benefits of ChangeGear
Improve infrastructure visibility Knowing what you have in your IT infrastructure helps identify and alleviate potential issues prior to deployment of a change and enables faster resolution of problems. ChangeGear gives you an extensive picture of your network through graphical representations of assets, their dependencies and attributes. That degree of visibility provides the information necessary for improved security and control, impact analysis and better business alignment.
Reduce operating costs Every day IT organizations are faced with the pressure to reduce costs while still maintaining high quality of service and improving productivity. ChangeGear helps you increase operational efficiency by allowing you to automate your IT processes, leverage staff resources, increase incident response time and optimize your current IT infrastructure. With a software that focuses on operational efficiency, your organization can work smarter, increase productivity, and reduce costs.
Enable system consolidation Siloed systems make it difficult to manage your IT environment and maintain the integrity of valuable data. Because successful integration of all your systems is essential, ChangeGear is designed with seamless integration in mind - allowing for easy management and sharing of information. Not only are the ChangeGear products seamlessly integrated, but it can also preserve your initial investment by integrating with your existing help desk, asset management, system monitoring, and network management software.
asset management
Effectively Manage IT Change And Resources.
IT Asset Management
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“It’s clear that the ChangeGear product was well-planned and developed. From the day we installed the product, it ran perfectly on our existing infrastructure with no additional hardware or software investment required, and it worked well with our other applications. It’s just a great product.”

Chris Kopchik
Systems Engineering Manager
Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice

“ChangeGear is an excellent product and has addressed a major issue in our IT Governance. The increased level of visibility and management of IT resources has enabled us to implement stricter change management controls, which in turn improves communication. The resource owner must authorize the change, so there is no more saying ‘I know nothing about this’.”

Stephen Norkunas
Business Systems Superintendent
OZ Minerals

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