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The ChangeGear Enterprise Service Desk is a web-based IT Service Management (ITSM) software solution that enables IT organizations to efficiently resolve IT requests and track, manage, and control IT services. ChangeGear includes the seamless integration of key ITSM processes: Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Release Management, and Knowledge Management.

The ChangeGear Service Desk solution automates IT processes and streamlines many of the repetitive tasks required to effectively manage demanding environments. An intuitive user interface and built-in ITIL processes enable IT staff to accelerate response times, resolve incidents more quickly, and restore normal operations – all while minimizing the negative impact on business operations. With ChangeGear Service Desk, IT support staff can accelerate ticket resolution and achieve 360-degree visibility into IT service support processes.

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ChangeGear Enterprise - Service Desk Features
Incident Management Streamline and automate the process of reporting, tracking, and managing service requests.
Problem Management Proactively identify root-cause to prevent future service disruptions. A Known Error Database is available to store any known errors for future analysis.
Change & Release Management Easily track, manage, and control all IT changes made to your IT environment using the ITIL best practices framework.
Web 2.0 .NET Architecture The intuitive Microsoft .NET web-interface makes it easy to use and simple to deploy. Even non-technical staff can use ChangeGear with little to no training involved.
Self-Service Portal Web-based end user portal provides employees a single point of access for reporting and tracking service requests.
Knowledge Base Enables employees to search a database to find solutions for temporary workarounds, known errors, and FAQs.
Business Policy Automation Business rules engine will monitor ChangeGear according to specific rules and conditionally respond with the actions you specify. With the BPA, you can easily create new business rules and set up IT process automation and notifications.
Customizable Workflows The standard workflow is based on ITIL best practices, but the built-in workflow editor allows you to customize the workflow to meet the needs of your organization.
Notification & Alerts Automated alerts about impending changes and email templates can be tailored for individual change notifications – ensuring the necessary personnel are notified at each stage in the change lifecycle.
Multi-level Approvals Requests for approval are automatically sent to the approvers based on pre-defined conditions and progress within the workflow.
Task Management Tasks associated with service request can be facilitated within the Change and Incident ticket. This allows you to assign tasks, track time, measure success rates, and calculate the dollar cost of IT services.
Personalized Dashboard Performance dashboard displays real-time graphs, metrics, and KPIs – providing up-to-date information about the change activities within your environment.
Historical Audit-Tracking Change activity is tracked and documented for troubleshooting and meeting compliance audit requirements. The historical audit-trail will tell you what actions were taken, when the action was completed, who completed the action, and record any comments provided.
Real-time reporting Reporting is simple with ChangeGear. You can report on all aspects of IT change activities using our pre-defined reports or the built-in ad-hoc reporting tool. ChangeGear also integrates with Crystal Reports.
Announcement Calendar Web-based calendar that enables you to create, schedule, automate, and track messages. This tool allows you to proactively inform your users about important IT matters and improve overall communication from the IT department.
Mobile Access Perform various actions such as submit service requests, approve change tickets, receive notifications, and escalate tickets on a mobile device. Use this tool to quickly enter requests while performing on-site troubleshooting or to respond to approval notifications.
Web Services SDK Seamless integration allows you to change-enable your organization. ChangeGear can easily integrate with an existing system monitoring, network management, or help desk application.

Module Editor
Dynamic Request Automation Intelligent handling of requests that leverage the power of customized forms, advanced workflows, notifications, and approvals.
Forms Authoring Form authoring tools give you complete control of the layout, labels, what fields are displayed on the ticket, actions, and workflows.

Flex Module
Custom Module Creation ChangeGear Flex Modules allow you to deploy new process oriented applications leveraging the powerful capabilities and web-based user interface of the ChangeGear platform. Partnering with our Professional Services team, you will be able to quickly deliver process oriented applications across your organization, like project management, purchasing, or HR new hire process, without writing code. This includes the ability to modify and design forms, automate processes, create advanced workflows, and much more.
Understand the Benefits of ChangeGear
Improve incident and problem resolution ChangeGear provides end users the opportunity to self serve using the Self-service portal and built-in Knowledge Base. If an end user submits a service request, ChangeGear accelerates incident and problem resolution by automatically assigning requests based on priority and type, providing support staff easy access to pertinent user information, and delivering intelligent information about impacted users and affected business services.
Increase IT service uptime Research shows that 80% of unplanned downtime is caused by unplanned change. This makes the need for effective change management critical to maintaining system uptime and ensuring regulatory compliance. ChangeGear helps organizations prevent costly downtime by tracking and managing all change requests throughout their entire lifecycle, ensuring that any change introduced into the IT infrastructure follows a pre-determined set of procedures.
Achieve regulatory compliance Complying with Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, FISMA, and other regulatory measures can present serious challenges for today’s business. ChangeGear helps you with compliance by establishing and enforcing repeatable processes, and providing you an audit trail of historical data for easy reporting. With streamlined processes, you can apply consistent policies governing everything from access rights to change authorizations – making it simple to achieve compliance.
Reduce operating costs Every day IT organizations are faced with the pressure to reduce costs while still maintaining high quality of service and improving productivity. ChangeGear helps you increase operational efficiency by allowing you to automate your IT processes, leverage staff resources, increase incident response time and optimize your current IT infrastructure. With a software that focuses on operational efficiency, your organization can work smarter, increase productivity, and reduce costs.
Simplify and automate IT processes It is essential to ensure IT processes are in place and that they are enforced. Through IT process automation, ChangeGear can help you simplify historical documentation, set up a dynamic notification structure, complete task and project management, and implement your entire approval process. With ChangeGear, you can easily automate and implement any part of an IT process.
Enable system consolidation Siloed systems make it difficult to manage your IT environment and maintain the integrity of valuable data. Because successful integration of all your systems is essential, ChangeGear is designed with seamless integration in mind - allowing for easy management and sharing of information. Not only are the ChangeGear products seamlessly integrated, but it can also preserve your initial investment by integrating with your existing help desk, asset management, system monitoring, and network management software.
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“ChangeGear’s Reporting service gives us the metrics we need to pinpoint what areas to improve on as a department, in order to increase efficiency and save money. Another way we increase efficiency is by utilizing the ChangeGear Self Service Portal – our teammates are able to find valuable information from the Knowledge Base or open a service ticket by themselves when the helpdesk is closed.”

Joshua Hopkins
Systems Administrator
Speedco Inc.

“Our experience with ChangeGear has been excellent. The installation went smoothly and the support staff has been very responsive to any issues we have encountered. Prior to ChangeGear, we had separate systems for our incident, development and infrastructure groups, this lead to lots of duplicated data and effort. Now we have a unified system for all service requests and we‘ve streamlined our IT operations as a result.”

Steve Miller
System Administrator
Cirrus Design Corporation

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